Batalo Dance Lab

Dance Lab and Conversations. Is a higher-level policy, advocacy and management discussion related to arts in Uganda at the moment focusing on dance in Uganda and the region.

Envisioned as an ‘operational research’ space in collaboration with other dance and arts organizations, it aims to build a collective and individual capacity to learn about and advocate effectively for support and policy space for dance specifically, and other arts more generally, in the Uganda policy and public space.

The Dance Labs aim to create a critical mass of informed and active dancers and artists who are interested in and capable of advocating for increased support and space for the arts in general, and dance specifically, by the Government of Uganda. We anticipate this outcome to be somewhat long-term, and in the medium-term, aim to create an informed community of artists, across organizations, academic and non-academic backgrounds, regarding styles, techniques, history, rights, responsibilities and tangible policy goals of the arts community in Uganda, bridging age demographics – “Revisiting the Past to Shape the Future”

Dance Lab Gallery