Kuhamahama dance project is a dance movement in Uganda run by Batalo East a performing arts organization whose theme is Traditional meets urban, the movement started in 2018 aiming at fostering talent development, cultural preservation, creating employment and develop a platform for promoting tradition and arts movement for the youth. This project is a four year project which is expected to have covered four regions of Uganda and trained 120 skilled dancers in both tradition and urban dances as trainers’ in these regions mainly focusing on youths who are school dropouts or those who have no formal education at all. 

The Kuhamahama project has been implemented in three regions in Uganda namely the west Nile (Maracha District), Eastern region (Butaleja District) and Western region (Bundibugyo District)were it has held over six workshops with 79 youths. These workshops have been facilitated by eight traditional teachers and five urban teachers.

Kuhamahama in its engagements in these regions has highlighted mostly the traditional dances that were unknown to these youths (younger generation) and on the Ugandan scene, for example from Butaleja (Mabega & Ebasa dance), Maracha (Mute & kora dance) and Bundibugyo (Luma & muledu dance).

The urban dance genres have been taught in their authenticity to ease the fusion between tradition & urban. The Urban dance genres taught are Hip Hop, Krump, afro house, breaking and popping as well as contemporary jazz. These workshops have led to the growth of four crews and groups have been well established in these regions.

This project is run directly under the district education office in the region in collaboration with the informal education Programme and also works closely with the cultural institutions of the region. The local government is actively involved; that is why certificates are given at the end of the community presentations and are handed over by the LC V (five) chairman of the region. This ceremony is officiated by all local government personnel.

All the trained dancers have showcased in Kampala with the opportunity to perform in different festivals such as the Bayimba International festival and the Batalo Dance fest.

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